If it has taken on a life of its own, it’s a success!

If it has taken on a life of its own, it’s a success!

about us

Each landscape has a story to tell. A tale of discovery, wonder and inspiration. As the years pass, different characters and plot twists emerge and fade again. Their traces remain visible – subtly or impressively dominant. And then there are always the unwritten chapters: the future, teeming with possibilities, for new, sustainable spatial qualities. Shaping these possibilities is what BoschSlabbers is all about.

As landscape architects, we search for both the essential and the particular in landscapes we work on. We nurture existing qualities and dissolve spatial conflicts. Where possible, we add new, modern-day qualities. We design for the future, with an eye to the present and a sensitivity to the past. Our designs carry forward each landscape’s unique story.

We are BoschSlabbers, landscape architects

Committed professionals, reading landscapes like gripping novels. Designers, itching to add new chapters.

We design outdoor spaces. Where people travel, run, work, enjoy, fill their lungs with air, get together and hang out. A church square or a coastal area, a country estate or an inner-city courtyard. From Veere to Vietnam.

We study, query, admire and modify. We always keep an eye on the sense of place, looking for the roots and rootedness of each location.

As soon as we have a sense of direction for the landscape, we lightly sketch its contours. If necessary, we trace bolder lines: a framework for a new start. Where possible, we apply more graceful lines, and add subtle, seemingly self-evident changes. And then we leave space for the free forces of man and nature.

In short, we create conditions for transformation. Our designs are a starting point, with which the people, the city and nature can then engage. In order to let unique, self-evident, thriving places arise.

For the best results, we work together. With commissioners, but also with residents, users, authorities and partners. We are committed, ready to engage, ready to share our considerations and our choices, our vision and our wonder.

We combine a down-to-earth, realistic view on spatial issues with a refreshing and creative approach. We strive for elegant simplicity, even more so in complex projects. Boasting more than 25 years of experience, we aim for persuasive designs that stand the test of time.

We work from three locations: our offices in The Hague and Bergen op Zoom and our workshop in Ede. Here, some 30 enthusiastic landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and maintenance specialists shape the landscapes of tomorrow.

BoschSlabbers combines a down-to-earth, realistic view on the spatial issues with a refreshing and creative approach.

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