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The field is clear for spatial talents!

What can you contribute to our team? Is your perfect job missing from the list? We are always on the lookout for excellent and talented landscape architects and spatial designers. Open applications are highly appreciated!

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Our people make BoschSlabbers

Alain Assenberg

landscape designer, system administrator


Angela van der Koppel

landscape designer, administrative assistant


Anne de Jong

Landscape designer, urban designer


Antonis Athanasiou

landscape designer


Chaitrali Salvi

Landscape designer


Chris Janssen

landscape designer


Daniyal Sherafat

landscape designer


Delina Wilbrenninck

landscape designer


Esther Bergstra

landscape architect


Gerwen van der Veen

landscape designer


Hans Eshuis

landscape designer


Hans Ringoot

landscape designer


Ian Officer

partner, landscape architect


Inge van Wijk



Jan van Minnebruggen

partner, senior designer


Jiaqi Qiu

junior landscape designer


Jan Willem Bosch


Koen Bakker

landscape architect


Maike Warmerdam

landscape designer, urban planner


Maria-Chrysoula Akrivou

landscape designer


Marije de Man



Maurits van Wijk van Brievingh

landscape designer


Merel Boer

landscape designer


Michiel van Zeijl

landscape architect


Paul van Dijk

landscape architect


Pauline Veenbergen

landscape designer


Sankarnath Pothannoor Mukundan

urban designer


Shuyang Li

urban designer


Steven Slabbers


Stijn Koole

partner, senior landscape architect


Tijs van Loon

landscape architect


Tjitte Woudstra

landscape designer


Udin Verheij

landscape designer


Wendy van der Horst

urban designer


Wijnand Bouw

partner, senior landscape architect


En route together

BoschSlabbers travels to Stockholm, Valencia, Hamburg and Bordeaux

After some hard work it is good to rest. Several times a year we go on an excursion with the office to get inspired by the location and each other.

We look at parks, squares, urban projects and architecture and of course we also like to visit the local restaurants and terraces. We have already visited cities such as Stockholm, Valencia, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin, Bordeaux and Paris in recent years. But (own) projects on Dutch soil also get attention, including projects in Amsterdam, Almere, Floriade Venlo, Katwijk, the Maasvlakte and Tiengemeten.