A boulevard with international allure

A boulevard with international allure

Boulevard Zandvoort

Boulevard Zandvoort

Boulevard Zandvoort

Boulevard Zandvoort

the essence

Two centuries of seaside recreation

Zandvoort boasts an illustrious past: from its beginnings as a small fishing village to its promotion to the status of primary seaside resort of the Netherlands. From the 1830s onwards, the fashion of seaside tourism caught on from England, and Zandvoort went all-in. A number of beautiful bathing houses were built, directly facing the sea. The gentle slope of the Badhuisplein, the central bathing house plaza, ensured direct access to the beach. Later, post-war reconstruction focused on large scale reconstruction of this constellation, aimed at the attraction of mass tourism. The plans, however, omitted the creation of a spacious and central event plaza with access to the beach.

Within the Metropole Region of Amsterdam, the Zandvoort boulevard is a key element that calls for fresh and contemporary landscaping. The ambition is to restore the boulevard to its former international glory. An upgrade of public space, adding value for residents, business owners and (international) tourists.

Zoning based on relations

Its development in the past 200 years has fashioned the country’s longest boulevard with a recognisable zoning, defined by its links to town and landscape, and its intensity of use. The look of the boulevard is varied accordingly. As a result, the boulevard is unrivalled on the Dutch coast. Two distinct spatial nodes provide connections to the town (local), railway station (regional and beyond) and beach. Each boulevard zone possesses its own unique character, determined by its spatial dimensions, type and positioning of buildings, height, visibility of the dunes and landscaping.

the approach

Modern and full of character

The design focuses on enhancement of these characteristics, showcasing Zandvoort’s authenticity. In addition, the emphasis is on a future-proof landscaping, to cater to the needs of the (international) tourist. This is achieved with 10 key design goals:

  • One comprehensive identity: a boulevard with allure
  • Gradation in urban and rural design
  • Optimal landscape experience
  • Two key spatial nodes where town and region touch
  • Logical connections to the hinterland
  • Excellent locations for beach cafes and restaurants: functional and accessible
  • Pleasant walks for visitors
  • Best winter boulevard
  • Safe in use
  • Sustainable landscaping

project data

Title: Redesign Boulevard Zandvoort

Location: Zandvoort, NL

Size: 3 km

Client: Municipality of Zandvoort

Cooperation: Stipo (SO)

Duration: 2018-2020

Type: Sketch to final design

Image credits: BoschSlabbers, zandvoortvroeger.nl

Project code: bs-S 18-10