Nature-filled care estate on the outskirts of Hilversum

Care park Monnikenberg

Care park Monnikenberg & Tergooi Hilversum

Care park Monnikenberg & Tergooi Hilversum

Care park Monnikenberg & Tergooi Hilversum

Care park Monnikenberg & Tergooi Hilversum

The essence

Care park Monnikenberg

The Monnikenberg is a beautiful area on the outskirts of Hilversum, with forests, open cultivated land, the former Heidepark estate and various care facilities.

On the grounds of the Heidepark estate, also known as De Monnikenberg, various developments are underway. Tergooi Hospitals is planning a newbuild, Merem Treatment Centre has plans for renovation and the Goois Nature Reserve is developing ecoducts. On top of all this, there is an opportunity to add residential houses to the location.

To streamline developments, a master plan, visual quality plan and a landscaping design for the grounds have been drawn up in collaboration with SVP Architecture and Urban Planning.

the approach

The current set-up is best characterized by its pleasant and green atmosphere. The former monastery, its immediate surroundings, and the avenues, forests and meadows of the former estate give the area a leafy peacefulness. This atmosphere is preserved and enhanced in the preliminary designs. In addition, future care buildings, with their complex logistics, are designed for smooth operation, and require careful integration into the environment. This integration must contribute towards the well-being of the people taken into care here.


To maximize this contribution, our design uses the ground’s green spaces to full effect. With the following result: the framework of the forest is restored, leaving no doubt as to where you are: in the woods; the estate’s old avenues have been restored; former pastures have been enlarged, and new cross-connections have been made. Inside the buildings, the forest always remains nearby and visible; among the trees, you can walk and heal, and even receive treatment.

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Project data

Title: Care park Monnikenberg

Location: Hilversum, NL

Size: 25 ha

Client: Tergooi Ziekenhuizen, Merem behandelcentra, HPG en GNR

Cooperation: SVP Architectuur en Stedenbouw; Wiegerinck Architectuur en Stedenbouw; MIX architectuur, PTG Advies; en GVM Ontwikkeling en Management

Duration: 2011-2019

Type: master plan, layout plan, investment estimate, provisional and final design

Image credits: BoschSlabbers, SVP, Wiegerinck

Project code: HT 09-20