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The Meuse as leisure river

The Meuse as leisure river

The Meuse as leisure river

The Meuse as leisure river

The Meuse as leisure river

the essence

The Meuse as leisure river

The distinctive qualities of the Meuse valley is the basis for an inspiring vision of future leisure along the river. This forward-looking vision, anticipating major issues of the future, works to inspire authorities, area managers, developers and users alike.

Waterkansenkaart voor de Maas als recreatierivier
Zandbak langs de Maas
the approach

The Meuse is a unique river of many faces and experiences, for visitors from the immediate surroundings as well as the wider world. Consultation sessions with local stakeholders provided insight in leisure preferences. This was the basis for a vision of the future, specified for each leisure type (walking, biking, angling, boating, swimming and events) in the area.

Kaart van recreatie profielen voor de Maas

The specific local possibilities of different leisure options were differentiated for the four sections of the Meuse landscape. In addition, we integrated major developments in water management in the coming century into the vision, and worked to connect these with the facilitation of leisure preferences. Finally, BoschSlabbers collected results in a travel guide. This guide highlights opportunities for leisure on and along the river, and takes the visitor on a journey to familiar and unfamiliar landscapes of the Meuse valley. On this journey, the Meuse serves as the landscape’s backbone, and a backbone for future river leisure.

Recreatie in de Maas

Project data

Title: The Meuse as leisure river

Location: The Meuse river, the province of Limburg, NL

Client: Rijkswaterstaat/WINN, Deltares

Duration: 2009-2010

Type: vision, research, ambition document

Image credits: BoschSlabbers

Project code: HL 09-21