Grandeur blended with conviviality

Grandeur blended with conviviality

Lebuinus squares Deventer

Lebuinus squares Deventer

Lebuinus squares Deventer

Lebuinus squares Deventer

the essence

Grand approach to cultural squares

The city of Deventer is energetically and appropriately developing various cultural institutions in its city centre, and is thinking about the corresponding transformation of the outdoor areas. BoschSlabbers has been asked to take the process forward to a supported sketch design for the ‘Lebuïnuspleinen’, starting with the Grote Kerkhof.

Judging by the applause after the well-attended presentation in March 2020 in the city hall, residents, entrepreneurs and others involved with the Grote Kerkhof could agree with the preliminary new design. A water play area, more trees and a paving and layout that make the Lebuinus Church and other historical buildings stand out better. According to these starting points, the Grote Kerkhof has been redesigned.

The approach

Kissing squares

On the spot where the Hanseatic city of Deventer originated stands the overwhelmingly large Lebuinus church. However, the accompanying former cemetery and the surrounding squares lack this grandeur. Separately decorated, cluttered and, moreover, nothing has been done to them for decades. The dated and bumpy asphalt on Stromarkt would not be out of place in the Eastern Bloc of yesteryear. The Nieuwe Markt is a hotchpotch, unimaginatively filled with parking spaces. More than a year after the cars disappeared, the Grote Kerkhof looks bare and uninviting.

We started with a redevelopment plan for the Grote Kerkhof. But we soon sought coherence with the other squares. We are bringing back this sense of coherence with a similar look and feel. This also does justice to the importance of this part of the city centre, with its administration and increasing number of cultural facilities. It is understandable that the squares look dimmer now. There has been and is plenty of construction in this area, only then do you start working on the surroundings. We visited the city centre dozens of times. Walked around, got inspired by studying old prints and organised idea sessions with residents and entrepreneurs.

the idea

Medieval look

Paving with brick and natural stone will enhance the medieval look. Squares will thus also connect better with the historic buildings around them. Pavements in front of old buildings will be restored. Parties of trees around the squares will provide accent and protection from the sun. The terraces on the Grote Kerkhof will be better exposed to the sun, and less close to the cars that can continue to drive around the square. A fountain floor near the Lebuinus church – reminiscent of the Bedriegertjes – offers water entertainment for children. The combination of grandeur and conviviality, that is the combination we want and is now lacking.

project data

Title: Redesign Lebuinus squares

Location: Grote Kerkhof, Nieuwe Markt, Stromarkt, Botermarkt and adjacent streets in Deventer, NL

Size: 1,5 ha

Client: Municipality of Deventer

Cooperation: STIPO, StudioDL, Rots maatwerk, Herman Evers & Bram de Borst

Duration: 2019 - 2021

Type: design plan draft design / preliminary design / final design, implementation supervision

Image credits: BoschSlabbers, Jeroen Musch, Milartmedia, Bart Ros

Project code: BS19-136